A Wonderful Time of Love

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks

On the date of his birth, she would have her driver take her to the entrance of the Parliament building. There she would sit for hours in her wheel chair, admiring the ornate carving of her son, and remembering a wonderful time of love.

They were lovers. He was a well-established and a recognized member of the House of Lords and she, a commoner – the daughter of a London baker. Regardless of their status, they met, they spent secret time together, and unexpectedly, fell in love.

With love came intimacy, and the resulting product was a boy. She was not married and with the counsel of her parents, decided to give up their son to adoption. Her lover followed their son’s progress and would relate details to her.

During a remodel of the building and general reconstruction, many artifacts were replaced. One of them was the carving at this entrance. There were many different opinions about the origin of the replacement, but she knew the truth.

Although she never learned his adopted name, she knew he was now one of the members of the House of Commons. Maybe, today as she sat, he would pass and she would once again be close to him.

Regardless, she would not have changed a thing about the past. Currently, they have a different kind of relationship; he still visits privately with her and provides for her wellbeing.

The carved stone marks a wonderful time of love.

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Things Happen For A Reason

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks

We were just two strangers drawn to this park for our own reasons. It was a chance meeting that October day in 2001.

The country was recovering from 9/11, and I was somewhere I didn’t care for. My parents were visiting NYC and the Trade Towers had a special draw. My Grandfather helped build those towers. They were there on that fateful day, and I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

I had been drawn to this park, but not to see the foliage. I remember I didn’t sleep well the night before and had a dream about this place. I was here once when I was a youngster. My parents laughed at how I reacted to the many things around the park grounds, and especially the leaves. It’s the special moments in life you don’t truly appreciate until they’re taken away.

“Honey, are you enjoying sitting all alone on that bench? I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts?”

Despite the cool breeze and the hint of moisture in the air, I felt her warm thigh as she sat down. “Marcy, do you realize what we would be missing if we didn’t find a reason to talk to each other that day?”

I perceived her studying me, and felt moisture on my cheek, which she wiped with her glove. “We don’t have to look very far…Damon’s really enjoying rolling in the leaves.”

“I would like to believe; things happen for a reason.”

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Love’s “Priceless” Boomerang

Courtesy of Google Images

You have some great friends.

Cast your “LOVE” to all of them…

Catch the “LOVE” returned!

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Someone’s Listening

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (www.indiesunlimited.com)

Forty-four men in my crew, but I estimated I needed five times that many to save the town.

This was unlike any fire we had fought before. The wind was blowing at almost hurricane force, with gusts exceeding seventy miles an hour.

The fire was originally moving southwest toward the town, but embers had caused the fire to spread.

The night sky glowed red, and it was almost impossible to breathe. Thick smoke was blowing in our direction. Standing on this mountain peak we could see our dilemma; flames were all around us, and escape would now be impossible.

I radioed our situation to base camp and they said to head towards the old mining camp about a quarter of a mile down the other side of the mountain.

I gathered all the men and screamed my instructions above the roar of the approaching fire.


Forty minutes later we were all gathered in the old mine, looking back at the opening, which looked like a potbellied stove all aglow. Some men started praying, others were obviously dealing with their sins.


It was a miracle that we survived. The next morning, we discovered the pine forest was completely obliterated.

The smoke-filled sunrise shed some light on burned tree remnants, which gave the impression of Devil’s horns.

We later learned that almost a hundred fire-fighters perished, but for some reason we were saved.


“I hope that answered your question as to why I became a preacher.”

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Miss Oulala

Photo Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (www.indiesunlimited.com)

A quarter would get you a room, a meal, and possibly more than that.

She became queen of the night, and if she really liked you – the morning too.

It was her hotel and the legend whispered is she got it in the middle of the night, from a rich old man with a bad ticker. Authorities never investigated his death because he had a big smile and a rumor of something else.

She quickly got the name “Miss Oulala.” If you were lucky, and rich enough, you would know the details behind the name.

Women from as far as Boston made the journey to work at the hotel. Good food, but not too great on sleeping accommodations. However, you can’t have everything in life.

That was years ago. Now, single men rent a room, and if they are lucky enough, she makes a middle of the night visit. When they book another night, the clerk knows the rest of the story.

Couples, who want the thrill of a ghostly visit, also rent a room. Rumor number two is that her visits have ended many a relationship, and even enhanced others.

If you pay double the normal rent, you can stay in her former bedroom. That almost guarantees a visit. Many a bad character has complained they were pushed out of bed.

The dusty-hand-written note above the four-poster bed reads –

“Cowboy, if you like to ride…ride your horse! If you need to sleep…best done elsewhere!”

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Photo courtesy of K.S. Brooks (www.indiesunlimited.com)

Title: Discoveries

The walk to the mall usually gave me time to notice things to write about. Today, as much as I tried to see the beauty around me, my grandmother’s teachings kept pace with the sound of my shoes… ‘Give and thou shall receive.’

It was a breezy fall morning and leaves were blowing across my path. Yellow, brown, red and green. When I studied it – I discovered it was a roll of $100 bills.

Despite years of writing, and never being discovered, I had something else to write about today.

I thought about the roll of money all the way to the mall. Who lost it, and should I give it to mall security?

It was as if someone heard my questions and gave me the answer I needed.

They were a family of four, and they were not carrying any shopping bags. The children looked like they needed new clothes and shoes.


Minutes later, I was surrounded by three news people. “We witnessed what you did.”


Sitting with my Grandmother that night – “Good evening, this is Bert Jones reporting from the Mall of Good Hope. Well today we witnessed a young man give a family of four enough money to buy what they all needed. In these trying times, it is nice to witness someone giving to others. Please listen to his reason.”

“Well, if the money was meant for me, I would have found it on my way home.”

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I’m So Sorry

Courtesy of Google Images

“Daddy, why did you bring me here?”

“Because it’s Mother’s Day.”

“Mommy’s gone.” I looked at the cold gray stone with our last name on it.

“Honey, I know you are upset about her…leaving so suddenly.”

“I miss her so.” I tried not to let him see my tears.

“I know you have been upset. You need to accept what you can’t change. I’ve listened to you some nights, crying in your room. Please honey, it breaks my heart that I can’t bring her back.”

“Daddy, I need to share something.”

“Now is as good a time as ever.” He set the plant down. “You and I need to talk more often. What do you want to share?”

“Okay…I do cry every night. Mommy used to come in my room to say goodnight. Even some of those nights, I said some awful things to her.” I grabbed his hand. “Daddy, I’ve seen you crying too…that makes me cry even more.”

“You’re right. Other than memories, YOU are the best thing I have left.”

“I wish she were here so I could tell her how sorry I am, and that I love her.”

“Just say what you want her to hear.”

“She can’t hear me.”

“Please Katie, you will feel better getting it out.”

“Mommy…I miss you so much. I wish you were here with us. I’m ashamed of how I behaved. I’m so sorry.” My daddy knelt to wipe my cheeks, and gave me a big hug.

Just then there was a wavering call.

“Daddy, LOOK, a Bluebird.”


“Oh, my God…she heard me. She once told me that if something happened to her, I should watch for a Bluebird.” I picked up the plant and put it in front of the marker.

I could feel my heart beating in my chest and I was having a hard time breathing. I looked at my Dad and saw the tears streaming down his cheeks. “Daddy, can we come here every day?”

I saw him smile and wipe the tears away. “We can come more often. Why don’t you tell me when you want to come and we can, okay?”

“Okay. Will we see the Bluebird those times?”

“Maybe sweetie…maybe the Bluebird will enjoy our visits as much as we do.”

“The next time we come, I know what I’m going to bring.”

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Fenders of Lake Valley

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Don’t let the name fool you. If you are looking for water, keep moving buddy! We might have had water in our water towers, but that was many years ago. What we have now, only tourists want to see. Me, I had my reasons to come back to Lake Valley.

I said I would be back for my pristine automobile, which actually had fenders. Now that I see it, it almost brings tears to my eyes. Bonnie and I had the time of our lives here in New Mexico. We had our fun, and decided to take our so called “winnings” and settle down.

Bonnie made friends easily, which at times, made me extremely jealous. I had a reputation of shooting someone where it wouldn’t kill them, but it would alter their wild fantasies some.

The townspeople here were mostly friends and that fateful day, they came to alert me that the Federal Marshalls were coming. Bonnie happened to be entertaining my best friend, so I decided to disappear into the hills.

The rest is history. There was a big gun battle and the news reported that Bonnie and I had been killed in the shootout. I have really missed my buddy.

Looking at the ghost town and the one wall of our honeymoon haven…it brings back memories!

I’m glad I had the sense to invest, but I’ll probably have to buy a restored vehicle, if I want to have one with fenders again.

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Cattle Drive

Photo courtesy of K.S. Brooks (www.indiesunlimited.com)

Commuting from the countryside to the city can be unpredictable. Working in the director’s office at a Fortune 500 company is not a place to be late.

Herb was a nice guy, but he was a stickler for being on time. Two months in this position and I had never been late.

I had my usual light breakfast, said my goodbyes to the wife and headed off to work. Sixteen miles, which was usually a thirty-minute drive.

My mind was focused somewhere between work and music, when a cowboy jumped in front of my BMW. I quickly noticed he didn’t have an option as the other cowboy had opened the fence and the heard was pushing one another to squeeze through the gate.

I had plenty of time to count the cows, but never thought there would be this many. I should have counted how many times I looked at my watch.

I was ten minutes late, and Herb was standing arms across his chest looking at HIS watch. I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh. Herb followed right on my heels to my office.

“You’re LATE.”

I turned, saw his red face and couldn’t help starting to laugh again.

“Herb, I’m sorry.” I tried my best to catch my breath to say more.

“This better be a good one!”


From time to time now, I cut the silence with a Moo, and we chuckle, knowing the rest of the story.

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Notre Dame Blue

Photo courtesy of K.S. Brooks (www.indiesunlimited.com)

It was a sad week. We knew my grandfather was in his last days, but it still hurts when someone passes. He was MY hero.

He never cursed, he never lost his temper and he constantly reminded me of the values of a good person. He not only mentioned them, but I saw him live by those same principles.

When we cleaned out his storage unit, we found a foot locker with my name on the label.

I couldn’t wait to open it, and Danny was very curious too. When we finally opened it, there were things in the Army-green-wooden box that he never mentioned.

I knew he was in the Army, but he never told me he was awarded the ‘Purple Heart.’ When I handed it to Danny, I was glad he had interest in it, so I could try to maintain my composure.

When I could speak, “Danny, it is awarded to soldiers wounded while serving. Your grandfather never said a word about being injured.” I wasn’t surprised.

Then I saw it, and unfolded it, a picture of the Notre Dame tunnel fell out of the faded-blue football jersey. The signature on the back was ‘Frank Leahy ’41.’ I thought green was the Notre Dame color, but I had proof in that year it was not.

I studied Danny. and thought to myself, I promise to do my best to bring you up the way Grandpa would be proud of us.

“You okay, Dad?”  

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