Free eBooks 3/1/19-3/5/19

As a thank you – Heart to Heart Anthology and You Complete My Heart – both eBooks are free on Amazon between Fri 3/1/19 to Tues 3/5/19.
Please share this event and THANK YOU again!…/…/

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Two more print books

The following books are now available on Amazon in both print and eBook.
Heart to Heart Anthology is a collection of Love and other short stories –
Heart to Heart Anthology (print version)

You Complete My Heart is a romance novel, written under the pen name Dixie Waters. Although the eBook version has been available for several years, I decided it was about time to get this print version on the market. Don’t burn your hands if you read this.…

I write for myself, but every once in awhile, I might just hit a nerve with a reader. For those who grew up in Wilmington MA, this book might just be the Peyton Place version (it is a fiction novel…right?).

Life is very short – LOVE what you have and enjoy it.
Be safe,

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Heart to Heart Anthology Published!

Available on Amazon in e-Book and Print. Just in time for Valentine’s day.

If you want to give your special person a unique gift for that day, or any day, this book might just be a gift they will remember. Here’s the back cover description.

When we are young children, most of us gravitate to things that make us feel good. You might enjoy

“A Teddy Bear’s Promise”

When we get older, we learn about how it feels to be in love.

One such story is “Book of Discovery”

Some of us even follow a service path, and some of those give the ultimate.

“Silent Echoes” touches on that subject.

Regardless, when you see someone protecting us and/or serving our country, please take a moment to thank them.

One of my favorite stories is “A Veteran’s Legacy”

Some others go into teaching. Many of those who do, try to guide us by demonstrating ideal attitude and behavior.

I hope you read a “Dedication to Mr. Kelley”

When we grow old, we learn the value of life, and some of us realize what love really means.

A true story you might enjoy is “The Joy of Life”

This book has stories which touch on these love aspects-

  • Innocent Love
  • Love of Service & Country
  • Love of Family
  • Love Lost
  • Future Love

Some stories might make you smile, and some others might bring tears to your eyes. Regardless, my goal is to have you feel better about your life and your loves.

Ebook version

Print version

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My life has been continually plagued by numbers.

In school, my teachers were amazed at how easily I worked math problems.

For many years now, I’ve just let them lead me wherever they would take me.

I was born on March 13, which is no biggie, but it is interesting that 313 can be read the same way backwards. That seems to only impress me.

Tired of my life behind a desk, and in search of adventure, a place in a travel brochure caught my eye, Athabasca Falls. Looking at the location coordinates, of course, to my surprise when I added them up, they totaled 313. I knew destiny was pointing me to that place.

flash fiction writing prompt gorge at Athabasca Falls copyright KS Brooks
Copyright K. S. Brooks

I thought I heard something over the roar of the falling water. She touched my sleeve, “Isn’t this marvelous?”

I turned to see something even more spectacular. In that instant, my mouth got ahead of my brain, “Yes, it is, but not as spectacular as you.” Neither of us could look at the falls for several moments. Her smile was gorgeous too.

Two years later, we are back here on our honeymoon, and both are even more spectacular.

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A Teddy Bear’s Promise

A Teddy Bear’s Promise

©  2018  Dick C. Waters


I’ve never had a name, but I promise to love the name you give me.

Some of your friends will come and go, but I promise to be your best friend, for as long as you will have me.

I will never desert you, but if you want me to leave, I promise I will go without any complaints.

I promise to be there to listen, when you need someone to talk to.

I promise to listen to your most-guarded secrets.

I promise to never tell anyone what you told me.

I promise to greet you with a smile when you come into the room.

I also promise to never upset you.

If you ever need to let the tears flow, I promise to be there to catch them.

When you are cold, I will do my best to warm you, and keep you warm.

If you need a hug, or need to hug someone, I will always be there.

If no one will dance with you, I promise to be your partner.

I promise to keep my eyes open at night, so you can close yours.

I promise to watch you grow.

I can’t say I love you, but if you look into my eyes, I promise they will tell you how much I do.

When you find that special someone in your life, I promise not to be jealous.




Because that is what best friends do!

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SOUND BAR Connection with Amazon Fire TV Connection

After buying a Samsung UHD 4k TV, I learned my cable company doesn’t support 4K programming, but the Amazon Fire TV does transmit in 4K. However, when I connected the optical cable from the TV to the sound bar, the TV would play through it, but the Amazon Fire TV box would not. It was quite an issue getting my sound bar to play with my new Fire TV box. After trying to get a help center to resolve the issue, I tried many things and put this instruction sheet together so I could repeat the process.
Not being technical and not getting much help, I thought it might help at least one other person. If it does…great. If there is a better solution I would like to know about it and I’m sure from my research many people are having similar problems.

“Robin Hoods Barn solution”

Note: To listen to regular TV, but with Sound Bar sound – Select OPT (Optical) on Sound Bar controller.

Turn on Sound Bar with Sound Bar Controller (POWER), and hit BT (Blue Tooth) – blue light blinks
Turn on TV
Get to Cox programming – (Use Cox Controller and hit “Input” button to get to HDMI 1 “Unknown”)
Use Samsung TV controller:
Press Home Button (looks like a house)
Press left direction button 3 or 4 times to get to “Source”
Press up direction button to get to “Connection Guide”
Go down to “Audio Device”
Press right direction button over to column and get to “Bluetooth” and select, then wait
Sound Bar Device shows – Hit center button to “Select” Then hit “Connect”, then “OK”
Go to “Close” and select (Blue light on Sound Bar is now solid)
Hit reverse arrow button 3 times to get out of those screens.

Use Cox Controller – hit “Input” button to select “Amazon Fire TV” (HDMI 2)

Use Amazon TV Fire box controller – hit reverse arrow button to wake up Fire TV Box
Use Amazon TV Fire controller to select what to watch and then play movie

Note: Sound Bar Sound will now be controlled by Cox Controller’s Volume button
(Hit or hold down UP or Down arrows to increase or decrease volume)

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Until recently, I had been heading in the wrong direction. Everything I loved, had been taken away from me. Consequently, I took out my anger on my friends. They weren’t to blame, but I had to transfer the pain. They didn’t understand, and I’m not sure I understood myself.

I was about to let all the pain go, but someone, or something intervened. It was the middle of the night and I had one leg up on the bridge railing.

“Are you stretching?” she asked, coming to a sudden stop.

“Why? What is it to you?”

“That was very nasty.”

She had a confused look on her face and started to resume her run. “Wait.”


“It is the middle of the night, what are you doing out so late?”

“Why? What is it to you?”

“Okay, we’re even. I’m sorry. My name is Adam, thanks for stopping. What is yours?” Even in the limited bridge lighting I could see her expression change dramatically, and her eyes glisten.

She turned and suddenly gripped the railing with both hands, starting to rock back and forth.

“I said I was sorry, but recently my life has turned to crap…I didn’t mean to take it out on you, too.” She turned and studied me for the longest time. I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks. Finally, I saw someone more in pain than myself. I didn’t even know her, but I wanted to comfort her.

When she turned so quickly I thought she was going to hurdle the railing. Holding onto the railing so tightly her knuckles were white. “You’re in my spot.”


“I said, you’re in my spot.”

“I don’t understand.”

She turned and I could see her blue eyes shedding tears like rain. “One of us tonight is an angel, and I’m not sure whether it is me, or you.” She looked up at the night sky. “I lost my brother two weeks ago. Right here…right where you are standing. I came here tonight to join him, but you were in my spot.”

“Misery loves company.” I could see her shaking, but it wasn’t a cold night. I don’t quite know why, but I opened my arms and she fell into them. Soon, we were both sobbing. I felt a new purpose, and I wanted to protect her.

Eve and I have fallen madly in love and have a new purpose to innervate each other. We are training for a marathon in memory of her brother, who used to be a long-distance runner, but came back from overseas missing a leg.

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