That Famous Look

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That Famous Look

There’s not that much we have in common –

He’s tall and I’m short.

He has his many toys, and I have many bills to pay.

He has the build, but I was last in that line.

He’s clean shaven and I have a beard.

He’s handsome, but I had enough to get his mother’s attention.

I can see with glasses and he can see what people are thinking.

He’s composed and I’m always looking over my shoulder.

I know he still has hair but my head requires a hat or sunscreen.

He can breathe through his nose and I, unfortunately, have asthma.

Maybe we both have big ears, as he hides his.

He’s still my son, and I love him.

We do have one thing in common – I own the property he leases.

After I told him his rent is now three months overdue, he has that famous look.

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Community Service

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It wasn’t so much about being stopped for speeding, or the fact that I forgot to register the car for another year, it was the courtroom process.

It was a small town, like many across the country, but it was the unique way they handle criminals. When I was stopped, the handsome trooper asked for my license and registration. He noted I wasn’t wearing my glasses as required, and the registration had expired. He told me he could call a wrecker and have my car towed and impounded until the fine was paid, or I could go through the court process and take my chances there.

I guess I made an impression as he gave me his phone number in case, I wanted to have a drink or two, but asked (?) me to follow him to the local jail. I was glad I wasn’t wearing those godawful specs.

The next morning, five of us rascals went to court and the judge ordered us all to do community service to pay off our fines. We were not given any other option, and I didn’t want to spend another night in a jail cell.

They say fate works in strange ways, but we’re a crew now. Four days working on this rebuild is hard. However, Clint, the trooper, and I have been enjoying our evenings at a little saloon close to town supplied lodging.

After those days, sandwiched with nights with Clint, I think I have enough to write my novel.

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Values to ValYOUable

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Book Description


 What wonderful words to hear!

Everybody can improve their performance.
“What makes you tick?”
What is your work attitude?
What are the workplace values that have helped you be successful?

If you have not been fully recognized and rewarded in your current job, hopefully this book will show you something that will enhance your performance (Values-Based Results) and get you more suitably recognized and rewarded.

YOU don’t have to learn something new; you just have to identify what you already possess that leads you to better personal results.

The three simple steps are –

  • Identify your personal workplace values
  • Document them
  • Follow them for the rest of your career.
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Just Dreams

It couldn’t be!

There in the beam of the searchlight I saw them.

What chance was there of ever seeing them after they had passed?

The only images I had of Suzy were in my dreams, or when I happened to look at an old photo album. Mr. Pish wasn’t part of my family, but he still made a difference in my life. His caregiver is a friend, so you might say Mr. Pish brought us together. That meeting was meant to be.

Please look closely and you might see what I see. There in the left side of the beam in the darker area, is a head that looks like Mr. Pish. To the right, in the bright area just before it transitions to the slightly darker area, is the head of my family member who passed – Suzy.

We don’t know what we don’t know, but I will take this as a sign. I just wrote a story about a Suzy in the Furious Fiction quarterly competition.

Looking at this week’s prompt and seeing her image is beyond my understanding. However, it was seven years ago around this time that she passed away from cancer. I lost her companion shortly after that – I can’t prove it, but I think Oscar died of a broken heart.

Like I said, we don’t know what we don’t know!

I’m going to say hello, and if she hears my words – thanks for the memories!

Love does last a lifetime…maybe even longer.

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The Clone

What a Life!

The Clone

“Fifty minutes, we have only fifty minutes to do what we have to do. FIFTY MINUTES! We all know what we have to do, now get to it.”

The emergency sirens were even louder now, and I tried my best to hide under something to block the noise.

My owners were all heading in different directions. I tried to stay out of their way, but they kept brushing by me. They had their things to do, but I didn’t have anything.

Billy rushed outside and started boarding up the kitchen windows. His pounding hurt my ears too, but the sirens hurt even more. The light in the room was cutoff as he finished boarding up the last kitchen window, but glass fell on the floor and smoke immediately started filling the room. I tasted bile in my mouth from this morning’s breakfast. Now, I wished they hadn’t found me and let me stay here.

Missus Evans started to softly cry and I went over to comfort her. Despite her concerned look, she gave me one of her precious smiles. “It’s okay Suzy, we’re going to be okay. We’ve been thru these before. These crazy fires have almost become a routine now. Bill, Suzy is all upset.”

“I’m sorry honey, we have other things to worry about. She’ll be okay and she’ll get used to these, just like us.”

Despite the smoke and the rumbling sound outside, I could smell the scent of another dog and heard her whine. I rushed to the kitchen door and started scratching at it. I let out a few barks and heard the echo of the other dog.

“Suzy, that’s enough! You can’t go out there now.”

I ran back to Bill who was busy uncoiling a long hose. “Get away you foolish mutt, this is not the time for this nonsense.”

I grabbed his pantleg and started pulling him to the door. “SUZY, LET GO!” I let go of his pantleg and ran to the door. “Woof, woof, WOOF!”

“Bill, she’s trying to tell us something. Listen, I think I just heard another dog.”

The kitchen door banged against the counter and Billy rushed inside, bending over coughing, and trying to get his breath. Trailing behind him was another dog, a Queensland Healer mix covered in soot, the only noticeable difference between us.

The fire came very close to the house, but only scorched the back of the barn.

I didn’t mind sharing my food, my bed and even my blanket with my new friend. She had no collar, so they needed to name her too. I think in time, I’ll get used to Ash.

I really like it here…what is meant to be, will be.

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A tall stack of boxes filled to the brim with photos, which resembled my life. There was only one thing I should have focused more on, but it’s too late now.

Someday, I’ll have to go through them and cherish the great times.

A photo was sticking out from one of the boxes. I looked at the photo. It was a wonderful time.

I recalled Oscar was just a puppy and I noticed him first. He was lying beside somebody fishing. I couldn’t help myself and went over to the dog and patted him. Bill laughed and said he had a new friend, Oscar too. We hit it off, immediately dating and then tied the knot. Funny, of all the photos, this was the one sticking up.

I remembered Bill had taken this photo of me walking Oscar. When this was taken, it was just before he passed. Oscar would often pull his leash off the counter and bring it to me. He really took me for ‘my walks.’ I think he knew my moods and would try his best to change my outlook.

The tear drops were wetting my blouse and I moved the photo out of the way to prevent them from hitting it. Fortunately, a chair was right behind me.

Today was five years since he passed. The photo was totally blurred now. Oscar nudged my arm and dropped his leash. I must pay more attention, or I will lose him too.   

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“You left it where?” Maria yelled, stomping both feet. He had just told her what he tied to one of the Sunflower stalks.

“I thought it was going to give you a much-needed surprise,” Kevin tried to explain.

“If you had just put it on my finger, that would have worked just fine. Besides, I’ve had too many surprises in my life.

“I’ll find it. I wrote the code down, 380 straight out, 450 right, 37 north and then 23 back toward the road.”

“We’ve tried it five times, and I’m getting scared of the bees. Why can’t you locate it?”

“I guess my starting point might not have been on the edge. Maybe if we shine our flashlights at it, it might make the stone sparkle.”


“I really thought we would locate it on that last try.”

Maria sat down on a large boulder near her car. “Well Einstein, I’ve lost count. What do YOU want to do now?”

“I should have marked the ground where I had tied it. I’m going to consider it one more time.”

“Consider it my a**, that’s it, I’ll wait for you in the car.”

He studied the field and then his notes…’toward the road.’ It was at that moment, he realized he was given a very meaningful intervention. It was only five miles back to the small town.

She saw him hands on hips, and then she watched him walking away, snubbing the field. “Honey, HONEY, where are you going?”

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Pretty Picture

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Pretty Picture

Ralph wondered if this was just a waste of his time. As a National Park Ranger he had the authority to ask her to move from her location. For five days, she had positioned herself in what she probably believed to be the best position to photograph Mt. Rainier.

It wasn’t the tent, although it was most likely in the way of other tourists, and it wasn’t the five, no make that seven tripods stationed along the trail every five feet or so. It was all the questions from hikers about what she was doing.

He had answered their questions, but now he was wondering if there wasn’t something more involved.

Kat noticed the ranger gawking at her every day. It was getting hard to focus on the mountain. Despite her hope that her smile would have him talking with her, he spent his time talking with hikers. She wondered if she should change her approach…he was now, more interesting than the mountain.

When she was growing up, she had considered the potential of being a park ranger. Life changed that, and she developed a love of photography. That’s it, she knew what she would do.


She was having a tough time falling asleep. Her mind was constantly considering her plan for the next morning.


The cold morning almost spoiled her plan. She jumped out of the tent – “Smile!”

“Miss, you can’t be out of your tent undressed.”


Now, they take pictures together.

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Happy Lesson

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Life rewarded my parents with 4 children – three sisters and me.

We didn’t have much growing up, but fortunately they made enough to pay the bills.

The most important thing was that we had each other. We were very close. Growing up, we played games, and even went camping and fishing.

Our home was the ‘Cabin of Hopes and Dreams.’ Neighbors referred to our parents as ‘Pioneers.’

Birthdays, graduations, and weddings helped us get together.


Things changed. I guess ‘Life’ got in the way and scattered us. ‘Too Busy’ was heard too often. Focused on seemingly important things.

Then it was funerals that brought us together. Our parents stated they hated that was the only time we gathered now.


I got the phone call from their neighbor.

If they were here today, there would be five generations in this small kitchen.

We were having a ‘Celebration of Life.’ Stories were being told and there was lots of laughter and then finally, sorrowful tears from even the kids.


When the ahoogah horn and backfire of dad’s model T sounded, the youngest of the gathering ran to the only window.


The cabin door banged against the wall – “Thanks everyone for the Celebration of Life,” dad announced hugging mom.

“Let this be a lesson to every one of you,” taking his time to point at even the kids. “From now on, we get together every year, and not over our dead bodies.”

I’ll take that happy lesson.

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“Hey, watch it! I’m trying to swim here,” yelled the yellow duck.

Soon, he recognized this was going to be a race. He could win the race, but what was the prize going to be? That’s when he noticed there was an attractive pink duck with the same number as his.

Why would there be two ducks with the same number? Fate, it must be fate! They were both meant to have the same number. He had to get closer to her, but how?

He was getting shuffled closer and closer to her and they would make contact in just a second.

There was a loud noise. They had been dumped into the fast-moving river and his target was now lost in the mass of ducks.

“Watch out for the rocks,” someone up ahead yelled.

He saw it at the last moment, crashing into the massive boulder. He felt the cold-water seeping in and starting to fill him up. So much for the race and his destiny.


“Walter, it’s a good thing this duck crashed, as you numbered two of these with the same number. You will have to be more careful next time. Fortunately, nobody picked number two.” The man emptied the net containing the two ducks into a bucket.


“Are you okay?” asked the pink duck.

He turned to the voice and saw her number. “Well, I won’t be doing any racing in the future. Did you notice we have the same number?”

“Fate, huh?

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