Movie Shoot

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There were several things which should have alerted him and Claire that this visit was not a good idea.

Thirteen, an address which might be a clue that something bad could happen. Another should have been interviewing the survivor of a serial killer rampage.

However, this shoot for a future movie was going to include an interview with Laura, who was the miraculous only survivor.

When they arrived at 13 Callaway Place, the movie equipment was set up inside, but the crew had evidently left. He assumed they had left to get some breakfast in Chewela. The contract didn’t authorize them to leave the site until after the interview.

Barry went to move the car behind the house, but the battery had crapped out. When he went back inside, he couldn’t find Claire. Laura was in the kitchen with her when he went outside. He noticed the movie scene plate on the floor, so the camera crew was definitely here and had shot one take without him.

He decided to fire up the camera and review what they had shot. They were indeed doing a preliminary shoot of Laura’s interview, but suddenly a shadow appeared and the camera stopped recording.

He heard something behind him, and turned, expecting to see Claire.

When he regained consciousness, he had indeed found Claire and the camera crew, and now realized how Laura had survived the rampage. He and Claire were now part of Laura’s own serial-killer production.

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Lava is a better sight

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (

Lava is a better sight

We came here on our honeymoon in 2000. It was a tropical paradise, and the clothing optional beaches were breath taking. The area had several active volcanoes and the nightly lava flows were spectacular sights.

What to pack… was the most our minds had to tackle for years.

Bathing suits were our backup plan, but neither of us would look good, with or without them. We were going back to capture our youth. We made fifty years together, despite our friends giving us little over five to part company.

The flight attendant asked what we were looking forward to, and we danced around answering. When we finally mentioned the warm aqua colored waters, she looked surprised and asked if we had studied what happened in the last few decades.

She summarized the conversation with, “…after the lava flows stopped in 2010, the climate changed dramatically and it became a winter destination.”

So much for days of lounging on a beach, taking in the scenery.

Neither of us had skied since we were in our twenties, but we quietly discussed the potential. We settled on a plan to stay on the hotel grounds and play cards all day.

That changed when we heard the young couple behind us talking about the clothing optional ski resort in the area.

“Honey, we’re only as old as we think we are.”

“You can’t be serious about this?”

“We’ll never see these people again!”

“They’ll be happy!”

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Golden Journey

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (

Title: Golden Journey

Gold, the color of my ’63 Pontiac. If it wasn’t the color of gold, it might not have prompted her to talk to a stranger. We were never the same after that first conversation.

A dull gold, the worn path leading up this mountain trail.

A mixed palette of gold, trees shining brightly against the early morning sun.

Gold, was the color of her shoulder length hair.

We walked this path hundreds of times over the years. I remember what she said and where she said it.

Why did I disagree with her urging?

I remember replying, ‘If I was meant to fly, God would have given me wings.’

She rebelled, and took up flying. Then, when that was not enough excitement, she took up piloting hot air balloons.

Her balloon, ‘The Golden Phoenix,’ shined like the sun when she flew around these mountains and valleys.

I only missed that one day flying with her. More ‘important things’ to do that morning. Maybe, if I was there, I could have done something to prevent the accident.

However, if I was there, then our son, Goldie, would not have any parents.

He followed her passion for flying, and ballooning, and would fly the same route of her fateful journey on the anniversary of her crash. I never really knew how much he mourned his mother. Authorities believe it was another accident. They will never convince me.

How fitting this bullet color matches those bright golden leaves.

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Therapy Dog?

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (

Tittle – Therapy Dog?

We’ve been dealing with her health issues for weeks, and have come to the realization it might be time to say goodbye to our dear family member, Izzy.

Being new to this area, we had to find a Vet.

He asked us what her symptoms were, and we told him she doesn’t play with her toys at all, basically lays around all day. In addition, she doesn’t walk anymore, and has to be carried outside to do her duty.

He checked all of her vital signs and said he couldn’t find a thing wrong with her.

He gave us a referral to a therapist. At the first session, she held Izzy in her arms and asked us what had changed in her life. When we indicated we had recently moved from New England to Arizona, she said Izzy is missing the old environment.

Today we carried her to the car and set out for the California coast. About an hour into the ride, she stood and became active in the back. After the mountain pass, we put both windows down, much to her delight. The ocean soon came into view and Izzy started squeaking and even jumping on the back of our seats.

When we reached the scenic overlook, Izzy was leading the way. Our only concern at that point was whether she was going to jump into the raging surf.

Maybe we will have to put in a pool at the new house.

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The years have passed, and I had resisted coming back here. However, standing here now, looking at the fieldstone fireplace and doorway of our burned-out home, there are many memories.

It was just a doorway –

Growing up, I used to run through it to see my friends. At the end of the day, the smell of a delicious meal would greet me when I returned.

It was just a doorway –

Dad would return after a long day working in the mines, and we both looked forward to the moment our eyes locked, and I ran into his arms.

It was just a doorway –

When I didn’t hear from my parents after a couple of weeks, I found them frozen together in their final cuddle.

It was just a doorway –

I remember the day I carried Ruth through the door after our wedding ceremony.

It was just a doorway –

Thirty-four years, four kids and the door never needed any repair.

It was just a doorway –

Away on a business trip, I wasn’t here when the massive fire consumed all the houses in the area. Ruth never made it out that simple doorway.

It was just a doorway –

Our kids never blamed me for not being there that day. They didn’t need to…I knew who was to blame.

It was just a doorway –

I’m here today because our kids want me to rebuild the house for a summer place for their kids. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not just a simple doorway.

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A Whale Tale

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (

This is a story of a Whale.

You might call it a Whale tale.

Others, might call it a tale of a Whale.

Who’s right?

Whale tails are long.

This Whale tale is not.

Whale tails come out of the water.

This Whale tale does not.

Remember reading the story of Moby Dick?

This is not that story!

Whales can be found in Alaska.

Whales can also be found in Hawaii.

The same Whale might be seen in both places.

That’s because some make the journey every year.

Whales are enormous, and

Whales don’t wait for anybody.

This Whale is enormous too,

But seems to be waiting for you!

I’m sure Whales have friends.

There’s nothing like friends.

You can tell them secrets, and

Good friends keep those secrets!

If you want a longer tail,

You’ll have to watch for a Whale.

I told you this was a short tale.

I hope you recall this, when you see a whale’s tail.

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Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (

Title: Fluffy

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!”

“You heard me correctly – I’m going to make you a star,” Ashley asserted.

“What’s my name going to be?”


“Why me?”

“Because the world needs a distraction.”

“What’s a dis..distraction?”

“Let’s just say it takes our mind off things.”

“But, why me?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Look, you’re the one who stopped to talk to me.”

“Yes, but you whistled at me.”

“No, I was just alerting the others someone was approaching.”

“Really! Well, I believe things happen for a reason, and your whistle brought us together.”

“You’re pretty.”

“You are too. You know, nobody is going to believe I’ve located a groundhog who can talk.”

“What did you call me?”

“A groundhog.”

“I’m not a ground hog, I’m a Marmot.”

Something moved in her periphery and she turned to see a cluster of similar creatures all standing on their hind legs. “We’ve got company.”

“That’s just part of my colony. You obviously caught their attention.”

“Can the others talk too?”

“Only to those tuned into us.”

“Nobody is going to believe this.”

“Okay, so let’s get back to this star thing. What are the details?”

“Well, you’re going to go to Hollywood and we’re going to make cartoons and publish comic books with you as the star. We’re going to pay you lots of peanuts.”

He spun around with a high-pitched whistle, and all the onlookers jumped into holes.

“Wait! What’s the matter?”

He turned. “I’m not working for peanuts!”

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What Matters

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (

Title: What Matters

They gave us an hour to evacuate.

What about the animals, not to mention; our pets, keepsakes, treasures, albums, and everything else that mattered?

We bought these mountain top acres to get out of the city and live a pristine life, just the four of us. Over time, we built a wonderful home, and then built it even better the second time.

I looked at the picture on the wall. It was taken ten years ago. My mother was smiling, but Dad looked like he envisioned what was in store for us. He expected we would be wiped out by a forest fire.

“Hon, we need to get a move on. What are you staring at?”

“I think dad knew we were going to have issues here.”

“Do you really think he would have put all of his effort into building our house and barn if he expected that we would lose it all?”

“As a matter of fact, I remember him saying over Thanksgiving dinner that he wouldn’t disappoint me by telling me what to do, and said I always learned for myself…and sometimes the hard way.”

“Paul, please take that picture and let’s get the rest of the stuff into the trailer and get out of here. Can’t you smell the smoke? We need to let the animals loose, as there are too many to transport in the time we’ve got.”

“Are the kids in the truck?”

“Yes, and they are what matters…we can rebuild.”

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Magic Ending

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (

Magic Ending

“Sir, this ride’s going to be dangerous.”

“I hear you Carol, but we need to go over the design a final time.”

Pat, the project manager continued, “the zip line will run from the roof over the second-floor lodge deck, or launch platform. Two sets of existing windows will need to be replaced with French doors. A guard rail will be needed around that deck, to provide a safe viewing area. Are we in sync so far?”

“I got it.”

“Fifty feet out from the high-water line, there needs to be a pole with a circular hub. The line will wrap around that and send the rider heading back toward shore.”

“Sir, I calculate they are travelling at thirty-five miles an hour.”

“Great, huh! If they don’t let go, the force and/or our mechanism will release the rider into the ocean.”

“Are you sure you really want to do this?”

“YES, I have EVERY detail covered. YOU just have to make sure they implement my design before the opening date.”

“Sir, how does the rider get back to shore?”

“Right, my last change memo; we need a wharf with a floating dock.”

“I’m going to have to recompute costs for the project for sure. Maybe, we also need a float for the EMT’s, and I might suggest ‘Kill Line’ is a more appropriate name.”

A man in a brown uniform interrupted them. “Excuse me gentlemen, I would like to see your permit for this project.”


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I Can’t Hear You

Courtesy of K.S. Brooks (

Discussion at the EICN Capital Appropriation Review Board meeting.

“Are you having the same problem as our antenna? Jeff asked. “I want the board to review my proposal for a device to add to the antenna array software.”

“Then you’re serious about this proposal?”

“Mister chairman, you really seem to be having a problem today, aren’t you?”

“No, not really. I just can’t believe you’re serious about this request.” Chairman McNichols said, throwing his pen down and taking off his reading glasses.

“Okay, let me restate the problem. Our antennae network has periodically responded to interstellar communication, ‘I can’t hear you,’ which IS a serious problem. My proposed solution intends to eliminate the problem.”

McNichols looked squarely at Jeff and asked, “What color do you want it to be? Do you need a single unit, or does a pair work better? And how about an earring while we are at it?”

Jeff took a deep breath and approached the head table. “That does bring up something I want to add to my ‘Hearing Aid’ appropriation. I would like a 10’ x 25’ sign with the name of the antennae network.”

“And WHAT exactly is the proposed name on the sign?”

“Now you’ve got it.”

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