This is just a short comment about what I saw during President Trump’s address to Congress. I’ll share that comment after I make two points about a sports team and a company.

Any sports team has a common goal. Every executive, coach, manager and player is dedicated and united in having a winning season. They may voice disagreement with plans, tactics and actions before games, but when any game commences they better be united. As fans, we expect that commitment. We can lose interest if we see them failing to apply themselves and not doing their best.

Most companies are in business to make a profit. If one of these companies fails to make steady profits, it will go out of business. The corporate board, company executives, managers and even the employees set corporate goals and carry out plans to meet those objectives. During the planning sessions, differences of opinion are sought and hopefully expressed to make the best plans. The objective is to create the right direction to accomplish the company’s mission and to make a profit. Companies that do not get consensus, or play politics, risk their success. As shareholders, we expect that success and count on it. If they fail, we can put our money someplace else.

Although I left out the word ‘United,’ you can easily see how both of the above entities would fail if they weren’t.

Here’s my comment about what I saw during the address. Obviously, it was that our country is divided by parties and not united. WE should be embarrassed about the obvious division. If we were a sports team, or a company, would we want the division we are seeing? I think not.

It needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. It needs YOU to say, enough is enough. We want better results. That is what this past election was about. The collective ‘THEY’ don’t get it. Even within the parties there is not unity.

Our country is similar to a team or a company, and it needs to be united to be more efficient, effective and successful.

I say this – Unite and support what makes sense for the country…not what is best for either party. We will applaud ALL of you for it.

I’m sure the founders of our country did not expect what we are seeing in Congress right now. It is not about being Republican or Democrat, it is about being UNITED.

Support what is RIGHT for the country, regardless of party affiliation.

No one asked for my opinion, but I for once can’t not say something about what I saw.

Interesting fact: Members of the House have no assigned seats but are by tradition divided by party; Members of the Democratic Party sit to the Speaker’s right and Members of the Republican Party sit to the Speaker’s left.

Suggestion: Change this tradition and have members of the house sit in a mixed environment not by Party. That immediately influences being united instead of divided.


About Dick C Waters

Five published novels in the Scott Tucker series, and one short-story anthology. One romance novel published under Dixie Waters. Born in Boston Massachusetts Attended NorthEastern University Now Retired - Forty Plus Years in Computer Manufacturing/Distribution Former Real Estate Broker - MA Former PMI Certified Project Manager Several Director Level Positions Enjoy Reading and Writing
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