Written in Stone

Title: Written in Stone

They said the wall was for protection. It wasn’t that day.

Only some of the locals would know the full story of what happened.

However, I painfully know more than what happened…I know why it happened.

Most people stopping to observe the wall’s features couldn’t miss the triangular protrusions.

Not many would ever notice what is missing.

The wall would have to have a heart to feel the pain.

I look at the wall and can’t help but to see what isn’t there.

Some have been heard to say it is just a broken piece of rock.

To me, that broken point changed my life.

There were many things that could have prevented what happened. Maybe if we hadn’t met, she would have met someone else, fallen in love, married, and had children. However, that wasn’t in the cards. Maybe more due diligence could have gotten the letter right.

We did meet. We fell head over heels for each other. We made our plans. We were going to get married when I returned from overseas. However, that stupid piece of paper arrived at my parents’ home before I did.

It was my name on that piece of paper, but it wasn’t me.

The authorities investigated what happened to her, and ruled it a tragic accident.

My parents received another letter, that apologized and said It was just a communication glitch.

No it wasn’t.

The wall will never be the same, nor will I.


About Dick C Waters

Five published novels in the Scott Tucker series, and one short-story anthology. One romance novel published under Dixie Waters. Born in Boston Massachusetts Attended NorthEastern University Now Retired - Forty Plus Years in Computer Manufacturing/Distribution Former Real Estate Broker - MA Former PMI Certified Project Manager Several Director Level Positions Enjoy Reading and Writing
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