Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Winning Story – “Cable for Mabel”

Here is my winning story and the potential links to the announcement –

Cable for Mabel
by Dick Waters

Gus is an extremely small old sheep dog. His nose does not work any more, and the hair covering his eyes prevents him from reacting to people coming to the door.

I’m not much better than Gus. I don’t see well either. I know when Gus barks as someone upstairs usually pounds on their floor and I feel the ceiling paint falling on my head.

Today was different. Gus made such a racket and scratched at the door that I knew someone was there. I asked who was there, but all I heard was something about a cable. I haven’t received one of those in years, and it must be important for someone to come up six flights of stairs. It took me about five minutes to unlock all the locks. When I opened the door, the uniformed man said something about service, and strangely that reminded me of my late husband.

However, Gus must have heard something else and immediately tried to keep the man from having his way with me. While they were fighting each other I headed my walker into the bedroom. When I reached the bed, Gus had the man by the leg and as he tried to kick Gus, he lost his balance and fell out the window.

When we looked down at his lifeless form, I was glad Gus had protected me from the mysterious man who was after my body. I’ll tell the police there never was any cable.

Indies Unlimited Winning Announcement June 21, 2013


About Dick C Waters

Five published novels in the Scott Tucker series, and one short-story anthology. One romance novel published under Dixie Waters. Born in Boston Massachusetts Attended NorthEastern University Now Retired - Forty Plus Years in Computer Manufacturing/Distribution Former Real Estate Broker - MA Former PMI Certified Project Manager Several Director Level Positions Enjoy Reading and Writing
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