A Veteran’s Legacy

“Daddy, I can’t see.”

“I’m sorry honey. Let me lift you up onto my shoulders.”

“Bill, please be careful…you need to be careful.”

“Daddy, what’s today?”

“Today is Veterans’ Day.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s the day we honor those men and women who serve, or served, in the military.”

“Like those men marching?”

“Yes honey, like those men.”

“They look like the picture of Grandpa.”

“Yes they do. Do you remember the trip we took…the one where we saw all those white crosses?”

“Yeah. I remember how pretty they looked, but you were crying.”

“I know sweetie…I was thinking about Grandpa’s cross.”

“Daddy look, there’s the American flag. Why are some people taking their hats off, and why are you saluting it?”

“We’re paying respect for what it stands for.”

“What does it stand for?”

“Honey, you ask some tough questions. I’ll answer that later.”

“Daddy, look at all those men wearing different clothes.”

“Those are all the different branches of the service; each one has a different uniform.”

“Daddy that one looks like the one you’re wearing.”

“Yes, he’s a Marine.”

“Does he fight in a war?”

“I don’t know…possibly.”

“Will he lose a leg too?”

“I doubt it honey. Remember your question about the flag?”

“Ah huh.”

“Honey, look around you…everything you see, people risked their lives for, and for your right to ask all these questions.”

“Daddy, will there be future veterans?”

“Honey, I hope so.”


First published in the Indies Unlimited 2012 Flash Fiction Anthology.

All rights reserved.


About Dick C Waters

Five published novels in the Scott Tucker series, and one short-story anthology. One romance novel published under Dixie Waters. Born in Boston Massachusetts Attended NorthEastern University Now Retired - Forty Plus Years in Computer Manufacturing/Distribution Former Real Estate Broker - MA Former PMI Certified Project Manager Several Director Level Positions Enjoy Reading and Writing
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